• Can I pay with a deposit, or prepayment?
    Some of our properties require a prepayment (i.e. a deposit) before you stay. This prepayment consist of the total cost of the booking or just part of it. The rest is paid when you stay at the property.
    • However, for some properties, there is no deposit required. You pay the amount in full when you stay at the property. Be sure to check the payment policies in your confirmation for more details.
  • Who's going to charge my credit card and when?
    Generally, the property is responsible for charging your card. If payment is instead handled by Скидкивотелях.рф, this will be stated clearly in your booking confirmation.
    • You usually can expect to pay during check-in or check-out at the property. However, there are some exceptions, like properties that require a prepayment for all or some of the total amount. Again, this will be stated clearly in your confirmation and payment policies.
    • If there's no prepayment policy, it’s also possible that the property might take a test payment from your card before you stay. This is a temporary hold, that’s used to validate your card and guarantee your booking. Unlike a real charge, this test payment will be returned to your card.
  • What payment methods are accepted?
    Credit cards are the most widely-accepted payment method for properties listed on Скидкивотелях.рф, and most of them use credit cards to validate your booking.
    • In some cases, alternative payment methods like PayPal etc. are also accepted. There are some exceptions to this, where you can possibly book with a debit card.
    • The accepted payment types for your accommodations will be listed in your booking confirmation. You can also call them to double-check what they accept.
  • I was charged. Do I need to do anything?
    In most cases, no action is required from you. As outlined in the payment policy for your booking, this is likely just a prepayment for all or part of the total cost.
    • If there is no prepayment policy, then the property may have taken a test payment from your card. This is a temporary hold used to guarantee your booking and will be returned to you.
    • If you still believe the charge is unexpected, you can contact us for assistance. We can only contact the property on your behalf after you submit proof of charge.
  • Can I pay for my stay with a different credit card than the one used to book?
    It's very likely, yes. Properties usually accept payment for a stay with a different card or cash. To confirm that paying with a different credit card is okay, contact the property.
  • Where can I see the payment policy for my booking?
    You'll find the payment policy in your booking confirmation, in the pricing section. This section also includes a price breakdown and the accepted payment methods.
  • Why do I need to provide my card details?
    Properties normally request this to guarantee your booking, and the card is often used to pay when you book. If you don’t need to make a prepayment, then they may hold an amount on your card to make sure it has sufficient funds. This test payment will be returned to you.