Safety tips for travelers

While Скидкивотелях.рф has in-depth procedures in place to protect our travelers, we also encourage you to take precautions for your personal safety. Here are some tips to make sure it all goes smoothly.

How to book safely

Find the right fit

Take advantage of multiple search filters (for price, property type, facilities, etc.) to find the right fit for you. Pay special attention to the amenities, house rules, as well as payment and cancellation policies when reading the listing details.

Read the reviews

Check out feedback from previous guests, including detailed reviews and quality ratings for factors like cleanliness and facilities. Travelers can only leave a review after completing their stay at a specific property, so you can be sure that the feedback is based on actual experiences.

Check the property policies

Check the policy details of the property carefully before booking, including the payment and damage deposit policies, and additional fees section. If a host asks you for a payment not mentioned in the policy, don’t send it.

Get to know your host

Get your questions answered before you book or stay. For certain properties, you can reach out through our "Contact the host" option. You can also leave the property a specific message when booking instead. Always make sure to use our platform's messaging system to make everything clearer for everyone.

Check the safety laws and regulations in your destination

It’s always a good idea to research government travel advisory info, or check with your embassy for any travel warnings and special visa requirements ahead of time. Look up phone numbers of emergency services at your destination. Check the food and water regulations, e.g. before drinking tap water, make sure it's safe.

Check out the services available at the property type you’ve booked

We have different property types (e.g apartments, bed and breakfasts, hotels, etc.) on our website. If you book shared accommodations, expect other guests to be present. If you book an apartment, there might not be 24/7 reception.

Check your confirmation email

Read the original confirmation email you get from Скидкивотелях.рф carefully, since it'll have all the correct info about prepayments, damage deposits, and more. If you receive urgent payment requests (e.g. transfer money to a bank within 24 hours or the booking will be canceled), or a property insists on communicating outside of the Скидкивотелях.рф platform, reach out to the Скидкивотелях.рф Customer Service team for support.

Check the local requirements at your destination

In some countries, your host may request either a copy of your ID or the original document as a deposit, due to tax purposes or local regulations. In some countries, you may be asked to present a marriage certificate in order to stay in the same room as your spouse.

Find a family-friendly property

When traveling with young children, make sure there's sufficient childproofing at the property you'll be staying at.

Inspect the property when you arrive

As soon as you get to the property, check where all relevant emergency equipment and safety info is located. If you’re not sure where things like the first-aid kit or fire extinguisher are, don’t hesitate to ask your host. It’s always better to be prepared.

Be considerate to the local community

While staying at the property or using other services with Скидкивотелях.рф, be respectful of the local community. Try to limit or minimize any noise that might disturb neighbors, respect local laws and traditions, and be mindful of your impact on the environment.